Quantum Optics X 5 - 11 September 2021, Toruń, Poland

Conference fee

As the conference takes a hybrid form, all the participants are free to choose whether they wish to participate in the conference onsite or online. Depending on your decission please choose the conference fee accordingly. Ideally we would like to host all the onsite participants in the Bulwar Hotel, where all the talks will also take place. We are convinced that this is the best way to make the conference maximally interactive and enjoyable. Still, there is an option to pay just the conference fee without the costs of the accomodation in the Bulwar hotel. This option is mostly dedicated to students who may prefer a more budget choice, or other participant who e.g. live in Torun or nearby.

Early fee (by June 30th)

  • Regular fee + Bulwar Hotel Accomodation for 6 Nights: 4000 PLN / 930 EUR
  • Student fee + Bulwar Hotel Accomodation for 6 Nights: 3600 PLN / 840 EUR
  • Regular fee, own accomodation: 1600 PLN / 370 EUR
  • Student fee, own accomodation: 1200 PLN / 280 EUR
  • Online participation: 400 PLN / 90 EUR

Regular fee (by July 31th)

  • Regular fee + Accomodation for 6 Nights: 4400 PLN / 1020 EUR
  • Student fee + Accomodation for 6 Nights: 4000 PLN / 930 EUR
  • Regular fee, own accomodation: 2000 PLN / 460 EUR
  • Student fee, own accomodation: 1600 PLN / 370 EUR
  • Online participation: 500 PLN / 110 EUR

Payment method

BANK TRANSFER DETAILS (conference fee payment)

  • account holder address: Grudziadzka 5/7, 87-100 Torun
  • bank name: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
  • bank branch: I Oddzial w Toruniu
  • bank branch address: Krasinskiego 2, 87-100 Torun, Poland
  • sort code (bank code): 10900004
  • IBAN: PL 70 1090 1506 0000 0001 2325 7109 - payment in PLN
  • IBAN: PL 56 1090 1506 0000 0001 4398 0441 - payment in EUR
  • transfer title: QOPTICS X - name and surname

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS DETAILS (conference fee payment)

To pay by credit card, please click the link below. You will be redirected to a secure connection (https) with the Aleksander Jablonski Foundation's server. The page should open in a new window or in a new browser tab. Please, be aware that the final exchange rate depends on the type of your credit card, thus the final amount may be different than the one on our website. Please also note that for payments by credit card the invoice currency is PLN. Conference payments by credit card


In case of disruption of the event due to pandemia, the conference will turn fully online, and the difference between the onsite registration fee and the online fee will be refunded.

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