Quantum Optics IX 17 - 23.09.2017, Gdańsk, Poland

General info

The Quantum Optics conference is the ninth in the series that have been organized every four years since 1985. One of its central aims is to bring together researchers from various sub-fields of quantum optics to offer a broad overview of current developments in this exciting domain. Main topics of Quantum Optics conference include:

● ultracold Fermi and Bose gases
● quantum simulators
● spinor and dipolar gases
● topological states of matter
● quantum nonlocality and Bell inequalities
● precision measurements
● foundations of quantum mechanics
● high precision spectroscopy
● atomic clocks
● quantum communication
● quantum thermodynamics

In addition to invited talks we also plan some number of contributed talks and a poster session.

Invited Speakers

Vanderlei S. Bagnato
(University of São Paulo, Brazil)
Christoph Becher
(Saarland University, Germany)
Wolfgang Dür
(University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Joseph H. Eberly
(University of Rochester, USA)
Berge Englert
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Fritz Haake
(University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
Michał Horodecki
(University of Gdańsk, Poland)
Paul S. Julienne
(Joint Quantum Institute, NIST, USA)
Gediminas Juzeliūnas
(Vilnius University, Lithuania)
Michał Karpiński
(University of Warsaw, Poland)
Maciej Lewenstein
(ICFO, Spain)
Morgan Mitchell
(ICFO, Spain)
Tilman Pfau
(University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Francesco Piazza
(MPIPKS, Germany)
Michael Raymer
(University of Oregon, USA)
Helmut Ritsch
(University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Giacomo Roati
(INO-CNR and LENS University of Florence, Italy)
Piet O. Schmidt
(PTB Braunschweig, Germany)
Roman Schnabel
(University of Hamburg, Germany)
Klaus Sengstock
(University of Hamburg, Germany)
Alice Sinatra
(École Normale Supérieure, France)
Tomasz Sowiński
(IF PAN, Poland)
Yoshiro Takahashi
(Kyoto University, Japan)
Leticia Tarruell
(ICFO, Spain)
Philipp Treutlein
(University of Basel, Switzerland)
Masahito Ueda
(University of Tokyo, Japan)
Jakub Zakrzewski
(Jagiellonian University, Poland)
Tanya Zelevinsky
(Columbia University,USA)
Piotr Żuchowski
(Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland)

Concluding remarks by prof. Fritz Haake

Concluding Remarks

Book of Abstracts

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